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In 148 full-color pages, each issue clusters essays, interviews, visual stories, fictional accounts and tasty inserts around an event that pushes and pulls our readers in surprising directions. 

Dense features original works by celebrated and emerging contributors – both in and out of state. Those who are already in the design space, and those who've never considered themselves designers.

Nothing like Dense exists.

Dense is an unlikely design magazine about New Jersey, brought to you as a 10-issue series.

Our debut issue unpacks the opening day of the New Jersey Turnpike, and nine issues later, we conclude with what was deemed the state's most radical project that never happened.


What connects all ten issues are thoughtfully crafted contributions with a dash of our editorial secret sauce, bound into something beautiful to cherish for years to come.

Dense magazine secret sauce

Ten issues in all.

We conceived Dense in 2020 – the trigger to tremendous uncertainty and innovation. We're betting that how we enter into the next 5 years holds some insights into how we reimagine our future.


Along the way, we hope to transform what publishing can be: mission-driven, equity-building and forward-thinking, all packed into a ten-issue series.


Annual / Once a year / Ten issues total


148 color pages, 7.5" x 9.5" x .5".


375 grams / 13.25 oz.


Printed by Hemlock Printers

Come along with us for ten issues of playful, mission-driven stories that only New Jersey can dream up.

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