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  • 10-Issue Subscription

10-Issue Subscription

PriceFrom $265.00

Indulge your strange love affair with New Jersey by securing all ten issues!


Our first issue begins with the opening of the New Jersey Turnpike in November 1951. Seventy years later, we ask our contributors to unpack its complicated role in shaping the densest state in the U.S.


10-issue subscription is available for a limited time only, through Issue 3, subject to change).


Our debut issue features these incredible contributors:

Anita Bakshi (author, educator & scholar) / Marshall Brown (artist & architect) / Nelson Chan (photographer) / Felecia Davis (architect, engineer & educator) / Ayanna Dozier (artist, filmmaker, curator & scholar) / Dalal Elsheikh (user experience designer, researcher & futurist) / Gabrielle Esperdy (historian, critic & educator) / Mindy Fullilove (author, social psychiatrist, & educator) / Daniel Hoffman (nutrition scientist & photographer) / Julie Langsam (multidisciplinary artist & photographer) / Joe Lanza (hunter) / David Maisel (photographer) / Chief Vincent Mann (Ramapough Lunaape Turtle Clan chief, educator & farmer) / Brian McGrath (author & urban design consultant) / Vaishnavi Reddy (architect) / SPURSE (research & design collective) / Shayna Strype (animator, actor & director) / University of Orange (free school of restoration urbanism) / Tommy Yang (designer, researcher & educator) / Susan Yelavich (author, critic, curator & educator) / Dana Yurcisin (photographer, filmmaker, songwriter & producer)



Each issue is 148 pages, offset-printed and perfect bound, full color on uncoated paper. Holographic foil illustration on cover. Carbon neutral printing.


Size (per issue):

7.5" x 9.5" x .75"


Shipping times:

Starting with Issue One, each subsequent issue is published and shipped once a year. Subject to change. Domestic shipping included.

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