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Exit 7X: The Future

When climate change ruptures NJ Turnpike’s original plans, what new futures are possible for this mega-infrastructure? Enter the year 2151.

Rendering of the new Exit 7X on the Dense Issue 1 Scratch 'n Sniff Turnpike Map. Disclaimer: This is for illustrative purposes only and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. Unfortunately.

An excerpt from the imagined New Jersey Turnpike Authorities map as one possible future:

The year 2151 marks the 200th year since the completion of the New Jersey Turnpike, which started as a 118-mile superhighway. In 2043, after extreme flooding and increased temperatures, the New Jersey Turnpike Authorities was established to expand from serving motorists to serving the broader public and protecting our environment. Sea levels have risen 10 feet since the Turnpike opened, but so has public interest to expand our mission, from transportation infrastructure to watershed remediation, agriculture, trade, energy generation, and emergency shelter.

Rendered here is Exit 7X, our flagship service hub for our new agency Restorative Water Works (RWW), which integrates water remediation into transportation infrastructure and serves millions of visitors and evacuees per year.


Dense invited multi-disciplinary designers Vaishnavi Reddy and Ryan Franchak to design the Scratch 'n Sniff Turnpike Map as part of Issue 1 – smells, floods and all.

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