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Wading through the Future of New Jersey

SPURSE cofounder Iain Kerr brings us on location where their Issue 1 sci-fi story, “2021–2051” takes place, under the New Jersey Turnpike.

View looking up to the underbelly of the New Jersey Turnpike while in the Meadowlands.
Still from video footage by SPURSE, looking up the underbelly of the New Jersey Turnpike.

We go on location for our interview with Iain Kerr, cofounder of the design and research collective SPURSE, where their sci-fi story for Issue 1 takes place. "2021 – 2051” is a work of speculative fiction that chronicles a 30-year period when the lives of a research scientist and a coyote interweave along the New Jersey Turnpike, as it meets the Meadowlands.

Iain Kerr, cofounder of the design and research collective SPURSE, reading from"2021 – 2051," as part of Issue 1.


From the shores of Hackensack River, Kerr describes the premise of the story, what the future of New Jersey might look like in 2051, how we’ll need to adapt to a new climate and who we’ll encounter along the way.

This short film was recorded by Dense and edited by Brenda Wilson. Produced for BOOTH, PLEASE.

SPURSE is a swarm hiding inside a creative design consultancy that focuses on working across species towards revolutionary futures (jersey style).

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